[ARTICLE] Diary Of A Destitute



Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful lady..

⏺Her name was Sade

⏺Sade was from an humble background

⏺Sade was reserved and contented

⏺Sade gained admission into Funaab.

⏺She saw the flashy lifestyles some ladies are living..

⏺She felt inferior..

⏺She decided to stay reserved no matter the condition and temptation.

⏺She was Using A Nokia phone then

⏺She met Bunmi and Gbemi at the Cafeteria..

⏺Bunmi and Gbemi were talking about how their boyfriend bought them an IPHONE and a Shoe worth 15k

⏺Sade was depressed on hearing this,she wanna be like Bunmi and Gbemi

⏺She met Folahan a cute guy in the MANCOT

⏺Folahan Toasted Sade and she accepted.

⏺She finally tot she has Arrived

⏺She was expecting something Extraordinary from Folahan

⏺But Folahan was just  a humble boy still living off his parents with 5k per month..

⏺Sade broke up with Folahan because he was unable tush up her lifestyle.

⏺Sade changed totally and started dressing provocatively to Seduce guys..

⏺She Met Tee-Bag @ Club 52 Few weeks after..

⏺Tee-Bag flaunted his Iphone6 gold and Sade fell inlust immediately

⏺Tee-bag talked to her and promised her every Good things of life.

⏺Tee-bag walked Sade into a dark room in the club and Sade willingly pulled off Her soaked pant and Tee-Bag had his way

⏺The Second day an IPhone 6+ was delivered to Sade by Jumia from Tee-Bag

⏺She felt so on top of the world,she has finally arrived.

⏺Sade became the biggest gal,Eyes of every club,lady of every party,punny of every dick and harry..

⏺Sade started missing lectures and tests and church services..

⏺Sade 2nd semester result was released and she had 7carry overs. She saw the result and look over it..

⏺The once Good gal turned bad.

⏺She bought a car from the money she was given by a chief after a night stand @Lekki hotel

⏺Every ladies look up to Sade in school,Treading with Elegancy,Royalty..

⏺She slept one day and woke up with a severe abdominal pain

⏺She was rushed down to the health centre and Aids was tested and with Womb  disease.

⏺She wept and saw her life crumbling down..she took her iPhone 7 and started dialing numbers starting from Chief, tee bags but not her parents.

⏺On hearing her plight they all cut the call and warned her never to dial their number because she is a Runs Gal and dey do pay for her services.

⏺She sold her Car for the treatment, Iphone,Everything

Yet nothing

⏺She finally called her Parents with her abandoned *Multi links* phone.

⏺They rushed down and wept bitterly because they raised Sade not Duchadesses(her name on campus)
So their little gal now has Aids

⏺Still on the Hospital bed a letter was brought to her by the school management

⏺”Dear miss Makanjuola Sade,after pasting this session result we found out that your CGPA is below 0.5 with 17carryovers,you are hereby advised to withdraw from the school,with 24hours grace to leave the school”

⏺Her parent wept bitterly,and a keke napep was hired to convey her loads out..

⏺With Shame and amidst Scornful laughter from the Students she left crying bitterly

⏺Her future was tarnished with no hope for a better tomorrow.

15 years after

⏺Folahan drove into a church with his Range Rover and found a lady resembling Sade just looking older and dressing religiously (SU type)

⏺Sade Recognized Folahan immediately because he is still looking young

⏺She narrated her ordeal to Folahan and how she’s now using her life to serve God only.
She ended by saying *I am presently Single and ready to mingle with a man after God’s heart*

⏺And Folahan replied with “The man after God’s heart for you is yet to come”😂😂😂


Agbeniga Eniola

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