[GC ARTICLE] Five Reasons Uber Might Not Survive If They Come To Ibadan


   Uber is a private international taxi company established in 2009 but found their way to Nigeria in 2014. They started from Lagos then Abuja and are now taking over some other important places in the country.
   Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa and also the capital of Oyo state. It is popularly known as the ancient city. You can easily identify an Ibadan person with his / her accent.
   Well I’ve been thinking about what do write for the week and suddenly my mind went to the most popular private Taxi company in Nigeria and if possible they can survive in Ibadan.
My points goes thus

1. War Against Transport Union
  There is possibility of war between the transport union and Uber. The Union might feel Uber is going to be a great competition for them and will try to eliminate the threat against them. No matter what Uber does, they can Never win the battle since most members of the union are thvgs and the political leaders of the state control them.

2. Cost Of Living
   The cost of living in Ibadan is relatively low compared to other cities in the country.
You get food stuffs at a cheap price, Cabs and bikes at a very low price, Houses are cheap to rent even lands are not expensive to buy.
You don’t expect someone who has been enjoying the cheap life to automatically switch to buying and paying for expensive things. Even the rich people prefer to buy things in a cheap market than the expensive one.

3. Stinginess
  An average Ibadan person is a stingy person when it comes to money believe it or not.  Ibadan people are very accommodating but never joke with their money. They prefer to buy 1 bag of pure water than buy table water atleast they can keep the remaining water in their car trunk.

4. Believe
   Well this is for the rich folks.
Nobody will accept they are in competition with anyone. Come to Ibadan and see how people stylishly compete with one another.
Mr A just bought a Toyota corolla because of that Mr B will buy his own Corolla too. A 65 years old rich Ibadan man prefers to drive himself around than employ a driver not because he doesn’t have the money but because he wants to show off. You dont expect him to take Uber when he still has a lot of other cars to show off

5. Free Ride
  Chai!!! This category ehn. They can be very annoying. You’ll see them at bus stops not waiting for public transport but waiting for that Oga that will give them free ride to school or work place. They’ll even rush inside vehicles of people they do not know. You expect someone who always wait for free ride to take Uber when he didn’t even take the normal cheap cab?

I know someone will be thinking how the 5 points above affects Uber. Look at those points again, think about it critically if Uber will really survive in an environment where the people have those characteristics.
  That is just what I think. It doesn’t mean I’m right.
Whats your own thought about it?


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  1. Ayanbisi Akorede Bussmarn

    January 17, 2017 at 4:27 PM

    Great article I must say. I love your write up. Kudos.

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