[GC ARTICLES] Hollic – Journey To The Homeland



I am a buffalo soldier
from the heart of the land of valiant.
Alien in a place under the stone.

One bright morning,
my work was over here
and it’s time to fly away home.

I can’t go far away from my hometown for long
’cause I’m a freaking hometown boy.
So I left for good; Hometown glory.

Cruising outta the ancient city of Egba,
cold air was my goggles, dough to fill my bowel
and ‘hit without pain’ was my partner.

Flanked by two mates,
Light bearded Boaz, my roommate,
heavy bearded Folahan, my course mate.

Green nature coated in brown running past me,
trucks; big and small, articulated vehicles,
all to their respective abode unknown to me.

Light rain forest with arable crop farms
and miles of plantain plantation.
All waving and bidding me goodbye.

The largest city in Africa; midpoint of my trip.
First phase over, now in my home state
but hours away from my hometown.

Ilé Olúyòlé, busy like usual,
I almost cried seeing people’s suffering
Few short trips and I was out.

Express route via the ancient capital of Yorùbáland,
few miles away from my hometown,
the true journey to the homeland.

I saw few recent accidents and casualties,
overturned oil tankers or cargo carriers.
There I thanked God for the gift of life.

Greeted welcome home by Odò obà market,
the sights of filling stations left and right
and the reckless okada riders.

Several nights and days
since I’ve been away.
Your serenity I’ve missed, my dear Ògbómòsó.

Odetokun Elijah Olasunkanmi
0813 938 2212


  1. Adekolu Oluwaseyi

    December 16, 2016 at 7:19 PM

    Nice poem… Hope to see you in greater height in Jesus name. We rep Ogbomoso……. @sheyman™

  2. Sheyman

    December 16, 2016 at 7:24 PM

    Nice one dude… We’ll meet at the top….. @sheyman™

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