#SCW Meets Hayormizy : A Musician and also 400 Level Student Of FUNAAB @iamhayormizy


Can we meet you?

I am Ojo Emmanuel ayomide  aka. Hayormizy

Educational background?

Primary school All saints church school jericho ibadan, secondary school I attended Oritmefa baptist Model school Ibadan then a currently in 400l Agric. Administration


How did you discover your musical talent and when?

Errrrm let me say i discovered my talent  through a little writings , which was rubbish then but we getting it right gradually today

How has music been so far?  Any Ups n Downs?

Mehn..music isn’t easy its been a rough journey so far doing music wit ur studies and hustling also, you go to some shows and nobody commends you at all and some shows you enter u thrill the crowd its just the grace of GOD, that is keeping me on track

What type of music do you do?

I do highlife and afro pop basically but any other kind of music I would definitely fit in😊😂

Do you think you have what it takes to be #NextToBlow?

Certainly, I never doubt myself a bit, I do what i love doing and i enjoy myself and soonest the boy will blow..e ma forrr❣

Anything people don’t know about you?

I pray a lot and take GOD first in anything I do no matter how BAD I am

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Hahahaah..mehn I have done  plenty of craze oo, let me share of d craziest thing, there was this girl I was eyeing in my area when I was in Jss1, so myself and my cousin wrote one full love letter and the stupid boy said I should go to her doorstep and give it to her unfortunately for me it was her mom that opened the door and the woman has schshiz in her head ,me self mumu boy gave the woman the letter, and told her someone said I should give her daughter, omo the following day it was royal rumble in house and it was full house .

You are known to be very energetic on stage, what’s the secret?

Hahahaaaa…when you love doing something you put al your energy n efforts there let me just say HAYORMIZY is energy himself..ma sun. ma forr


What does ejeekun mean?

Hahahahaha..🙈😂..EJEEKUN, in english meas Blood of a LION, dats all i can say……😝

Any shout outs?

Shout out to my mother for giving birth to king and all hustlers out there hustle gats pay one day and the sexy single ladies keep slaying

Words to the Mizy fans?

Thank you for always having my back, I might not be the best or I might be very good, but you guys are always supporting the boy Mizy has been bringing out d best in me, the boy is working tirelessly you guys should keep d supporting and the boy would keep delivering…

Words to Gistclick.com?

For real you guys are doing a big big big and great job, GOD almighty would enhance the team and grant you all your heart desires.


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