Small doctor is an ingrate, Learnt from my mistake – Dj Real writes open letter


Rising street pop artise Small Doctor has been slammed and shown the exit door by his music label CEO, DJ Real who feels betrayed after turning the singer from an okada rider to a star only to get disrespected.
According to an open letter DJ Real shared on his IG page, problem started when small Doctor began experiencing main stream acceptance and recognition and started ignoring his management “Real Beat Planet” who nurtured his career.

Small Doctor reportedly started performing shows without informing DJ Real or getting aproval from

the “Real Beat Planet” management and all efforts to correct this abnormally fell on deaf ears.

DJ Real now regrets investing so much in Small Doctor without a contract and wants every street DJ to learn from his mistake.

His open letter rea



I’m Writing This Open Letter To All Street DJs And My Fans To Learn From My Mistake..

Been Keeping Silence For The Past Few Months Now Base On What Happen Between Me And Small Doctor Who Think He’s Bigger Than The Person Who Standby Him, Believe In His Talent And Do All His Possible Best To Help Him Get To Where He Is Today With GOD Blessing.

1. I Got To Know Him Thru A Friend And Artist Called O’black Some Years Back As His Bike Boy Who Do Drop Him Off At Shows.. O’black Introduced Him To Me, That He Can Be Of Help To Me Anytime I Want To Visit Alaba Market To Drop Jobs Done For The Marketers.. That’s How He Became My Personal Bike Boy Which I Do Pay Him, Not Until A Day One Of His Agege Brother Called “Mayor” Brought Him To Me That He Want Me To Help His Career And I Told Mayor That Small Doctor Never Told Me That He Sing But With Love I Accept Him As A Brother WithOut collecting A Dime Nor Ask Him To Sign Any Agreement With My OutFit #RealBeatPlanet. So Why I Took Over His Job Personal With Love Was When I Heard That One Of His Written Down Song #Gbagaun Was Stolen By O’black And Featured Konga.. That Was When I Personally Took Him To Dresan To Record The Song Which Is His Very First Single And I Gave Him Massive Promotion.. I Also Remembered Vividly That I Took Him To Some Street Djs Back Then But They All Turn Him Down That They Can’t Promote A Tout Song And I shouldered All His Promotion And Responsibilities.

2. Purpose For This Letter Is Because Of Different Calls And False Accusation By Some DJs Which He Now See As Saviour Ever Since I Dropped Him Of My Label, That I Was The One Blocking Their Way From Small Doctor For Not Giving Them Money For Promotion They Are Doing For Him. They Never Knew What I Was Going Thru Within Myself, Cos The So Called Artist Is A self-centered And Stingy That He Find It Hard To Settle Me On Any Shows He Get, Which I Never Ask Him Again After Series Of Meeting And No Result.


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