Voice Of Dance With Prince Whyte


INTERVIEWER Good evening
PRINCE: Goodevening
INTERVIEWER: How are you today
PRINCE: Nt bad hbh
INTERVIEWER: I’m gud as well
Can you introduce yourself please
PRINCE: Uhmm…Iam prince whyte obasi
I’m 19yrs old,a student of yabatech,studying agriculture and bio environmental engr
INTERVIEWER: Wow that’s nice. Its good to have you here
So is prince whyte your real name or a stage name
PRINCE: My Real name
INTERVIEWER: Oh dats cool
So tell us a lil about yourself
PRINCE: Uhmm… aiit aside dah i already told u…
PRINCE: Am actually fair complexion,… tall abit.. gat huge passion for dance.. can go extra length for it
INTERVIEWER: Wow that’s nice.
Tell us about your dance career. How you started and all that
PRINCE: Uhmm.. I started when I was very little….. 4yrs to b precise thou……. participated in anytin called dance in school nd church,…. till i met other dancers… i started learning…secretly thou.. cos I don’t showing that….nd since then.. I’ve bin advancing and learning new steps
INTERVIEWER: Wow that’s lovely,are u in a dance group?
PRINCE: Uhmm i am….. the Christian one thou
INTERVIEWER: So what’s the name of this crew?
INTERVIEWER: Hmmm lovely,So do you perform solo?
PRINCE: Yup thanks
Uhmm not really.. i prefer a group dance
INTERVIEWER: Hmmm okay. Have you ever had any embarrassing moments while dancing
PRINCE: Uhmm….. not really thou… just that sometimes, I don’t really meet with the standard that was actually created during rehearsals thou
INTERVIEWER: Hmmm have you got a role model as a dancer?
PRINCE: Uhmm yup…..Chris brown
INTERVIEWER: Really? Well he’s a great dancer.
But do u tink you can measure up to him one day?
PRINCE: Uhmm sure…. iknw dah
INTERVIEWER: Aiit can you tell us how you mix education and dance. Any ups nd downs of any sort?
PRINCE: Uhmm many ups and downs… because sometimes…when i get to shows.. little ones thou…… class may just come in.. for sure i have to let that dance show go like that.
INTERVIEWER: Wow so you choose your education over your dance career unlike some people who’ll drop their class for the show
PRINCE: Thanks…Lol…. actually it was a few a very vital class thou..
INTERVIEWER: Thats cool thou
INTERVIEWER: So what do you have to say about the issue of how people see dancers in this part of the world. The bad qualities people believe to observe in dancers
PRINCE: Uhmm.. I guess their dress sense…..some dancers are very annoying they just wake up in the morning and wear something crazy.. #colourbiting….. and go to and street and dance which is very bad…..
INTERVIEWER: Hmmm aiit so what advice do you have for dancers who find it hard to showcase themselves
PRINCE: Ihmm they shouldn’t give up….. with time things will change
INTERVIEWER: Very good advice. Iv got a question for you thou.
Its a riddle and it goes thus:
I am something the more you take from me, the bigger I get
INTERVIEWER: Nah that’s not it. I guess I’ll put it out 2day nd c who gets it
INTERVIEWER: What do u feel ought to be done to make dancers more appreciated in dis part of the world
PRINCE: Uhmmm I guess coming together to bring up something spectacular
INTERVIEWER: Really? How do u propose they do that
PRINCE: Organising seminars for dancers alone
INTERVIEWER: Hmmm thats a new 1. I guess we @ lurex entertainment will definitely look into dat one of this days
PRINCE: Hmm i hope so
INTERVIEWER: It was wonderful having you here with us.
Thanks for your time
PRINCE: Uhmm i appreciate 😊
INTERVIEWER: Have a wonderful day
PRINCE: Nd you too


And this is the end of another edition of VOICE OF DANCE. The riddle I dropped on this guest and the previous one will be dropped on IG to see who and who is brilliant
Thanks very much to our audience. We really appreciate.

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