Voice Of Dance With Timilehin


INTERVIEWER: Good day bro

TIMILEHIN: Good day Sir

INTERVIEWER: I’m Dami but friends call me DAMI WAYNE. I’m a Dare2Dance ambassador and also your interviewer for this edition of VOICE OF DANCE. Can we know you?


INTERVIEWER: Hmmmm!!! Timiblaze!! May we know how you came up with that nickname

TIMILEHIN: Uhmnnn Timiblaze was not formed but was confirmed ….any performance I went for was always a hit and kinda unique as well

INTERVIEWER: Lols….. So much confidence I guess. How many major shows have you performed in since you started dancing

TIMILEHIN: Yes boss…….dancing is not only confidence,it also requires expression and energy and though the events I performed are much,the major ones were 2014 when I performed at JAZZYB’s  program “GOD OF BAD BOYS”. That was when I was in a group called VICTORIOUS STEPPERS and February 2016 when i performed at a wedding in abuja which gave me more opportunity to meet people and get more connected as well.

INTERVIEWER: So good to know. Do you still perform with the group or you have joined another group, or you just perform solo for any event

TIMILEHIN: After our national diploma VICTORIOUS STEPPERS moved to lagos and thats how we drifted apart but before then I had been performing solo for different events then I gained admission to funaab and I plan to be ablaze in FUNAAB and everywhere I because the journey of a thousand miles begins one day and with a step. I respect all dancers a lot . . ….a young legend ‘OLATUNDUN CYMBAL’ also motivates me a lot
I’m still a solo dancer for now……but im planning to join a group soon

INTERVIEWER: Wow!!! That’s cool. So you are a student of FUNAAB?

TIMILEHIN: Yes I’m a proud student of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta.

Do you mind telling us your department and level

TIMILEHIN: Smiles, I’m a Computer science student in 200level

INTERVIEWER: That’s cool.Computer science is a major course in all universities, how do you combine your studies and dance together considering your level as well


TIMILEHIN: Chuckles….. You are surprised I guess but all depends on determination and hardwork nothing good comes easy bro.

INTERVIEWER: People do think dancers are lazy people and thugs, what can you say about this?

TIMILEHIN: Dancers aren’t lazy because lazy people are not hardworking and determined but dancers are. If dancers are not hardworking, creativity will be far from such man

INTERVIEWER: From what you’ve said, what do you have to say to people that think dancers are lazy thugs

TIMILEHIN: Well, in this life there are different impression for different people……..thats their level of understanding but God has more for all talented people

INTERVIEWER: Yes that’s true. Would like to ask some few more question before we wrap up

TIMILEHIN: Let’s go on

INTERVIEWER: The passion you have for dancing, is it the same with your studies and how do balance it?

TIMILEHIN: Wow…..it’s thesame zeal I have for both. Anytime I’m reading and I’m not getting it,i relate it to my dance as well

INTERVIEWER: Wow!!!Lols!! That’s magical. I guess everyone has different ways in which they study and assimilate

TIMILEHIN: Yes we are totally different from each other and If I can rehearse and get my steps, what will stop me from reading well. The zeal to understand will become high like a logic circuit

INTERVIEWER: Alright. I’ll take that from you
Alright, this question just popped
You made mention of FUNAAB and you still school there, have you had any major break? I mean performing  in any social event on campus

TIMILEHIN: Yea hostel freshers night. That was my first performance in funaab

INTERVIEWER: As a dancer you should be able to tell when your audience are feeling your moves, energy and weather you are giving them what they want.. How was your experience like that day

TIMILEHIN: I was honoured even more than my expectation because i wasnt prepared for such performance. It was the social secretary (king eddies) who gave me the opportunity.

INTERVIEWER: Lols, You are gradually becoming a star.
One last question

TIMILEHIN: Face covered.,……chuckles let’s keep on believing

INTERVIEWER: What advice do you have for dancers around the globe especially those that are aspiring to become great dancers

TIMILEHIN: Dancers are always focused and determined ……….once its what we love doing,we won’t get tired of it and we won’t be depressed by any action. There are many things dance changes in everyone’s life…all in all, remember your God,he will surely lead us through

INTERVIEWER: Wow!!!Inspiring. Thanks for your time

TIMILEHIN: Thanks so much, exclusive thanks to Lurex Entertainment from xclusivetimiblaze, much love …..bigger you I pray

INTERVIEWER: Thanks bro. Have a wonderful day

TIMILEHIN: Thank you

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